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International Public Relations


Kursinis darbas anglų kalba. Tarptautiniai viešieji ryšiai. Introduction. Internationalization and international PR. Public relations. International public relations. Globalization and public relations. Public Relations across Cultures. Language and Culture. Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies. Public relations education . Public relations programs. Public and Media Relations. Communication Channels. Employee relations. Government Relations. Consumer relation objectives. Federal consumer agencies. Investor relations. Introduction of our research. ISM University of Management and Economics. The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). Summary.


Public relations are becoming a truly international industry. The industry's growth abroad is slower than we might think, and there may be unforeseen challenges involved in creating a global campaign. A public relation as a field has grown immeasurably both in numbers and in respect over the last three decades and today is clearly a growth industry. In this century, public relations have become a global phenomenon. Major political shifts toward democracy throughout the world, coupled with the rapidity of worldwide communications and the move to form trading alliances of regional nations, have focused new attention on public relations. The collapse of communism, the coming together of European economies, and the outbreak of democracy everywhere from Eastern Europe to Sought Africa have brought the global role of public relations into a new spotlight. The reality of peoples and nations of the world becoming more closely connected is largely positive for society, there is also a dark side. The images beamed across satellite technology and the Internet has, in so quarters, served to foment misunderstandings and jealousies, have and have-nots, comes sharply into focus.
This theme is very actual nowadays, because of growing society. A lot of companies are trying to become more international and to keep close connection with their consumer. Public relations are a perfect way to reach customers and create their value and loyalty. There is even International Public Relations Association (IPRA) which has fifty years of experience in sharing and promoting professional development. That means that more and more people are involving in international public relations process and they are considering about keeping in touch with society. Because there is no better commercial than "lips to lips" communication. In this course paper we are going to talk about globalization, media, employee and government relations, multicultural, consumer and investors public relations. We ascertain their connection with international public relations. Also we are going to do a research about the China Europe International Business School and International School of Management and find out what is the main purposes of their international programs, what are they doing to preserve relations with their main public- students.
The main purpose of our course paper is to find out that:
• Why international public relations are important?
• What are main objectives of international public relations?
• What kind of channels we can reach our purposes?
• How other factors can affect international public relations?
We are going to use descriptive and comparable methods for our work. So we are going to immersed into the development of public relations and communications strategies with an emphasis on international perspectives. ...

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  • Kursiniai darbai
  • 24 puslapiai 
  • Vilniaus universiteto Tarptautinio verslo mokykla / 2 Klasė/kursas
  • 2005 m
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