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Principles and functions of management: The Way To Success


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In today’s fast moving world, business people have to face various changes. Every day they have to meet new requirements and gain better skill sets for the improvement of their existing or upcoming business. Managers are expected to be extremely knowledgably of their business, demonstrate leadership, motivating, fair, responsible, and reliable to their employees. In consequence, people are working for years on ways to find a successful management. There are plenty intelligent people like F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, Douglas Mcgregor, W. Edwards, Max Weber and many others who had different definitions and opinions about management style and effectiveness. According to their findings and principles, this essay indicates some ways of people management, as it is believed that employees play a big role in today’s fast paced business world.
So let’s see the difference how managers act and how they should really be acting at their business. Are they always inspiring, leading, motivating, concern, caring, strong, responsible and rewarding at the same time? To begin with, the manager should be a very responsible person, as he is responsible for the whole business that he runs and the whole gang of people, those who help with his business. Basically all the business is in the employee’s hands, and only they can make the biggest difference. Mainly, the way the manager treats his own employees, turns around to his business and has a big effect on it. The manager should make sure that he has a team, and it is evident that the team does not build itself. They must be a compromise reached in order to build a good, goal oriented, together working team. In this case a manager should be talking to his employees, introducing them to the job environment, showing how to do things, and train the team professionally. Those are some of the things that a good manager would do.
On the other hand, not all managers are the same way. Most of them, will consider the fact, that their employees will do find the way how to do the job, or others will teach them. It is one of the biggest mistakes that a manager could make. In this case employees will be working individually, and other longer time working people will start giving orders to the new ones. "A team does not pull together well when each individual member focuses on their own target" (Richard Templar, Rule 2, p.8). This type of management, would not bring any good, just would increase the competence between employees and the team would never be built.
As the team plays a big role in a successful business, the most important factor for a manager is to make sure that he got a team working for him, which takes a lot of patience and time to build it. In a consequence, a good manager in this case would use the easy tools to contribute with employees. This would be involving him or herself into the employees’ life, teaching them, as well as letting the tasks to be done together, but not individually. At this point, people would feel the necessity of helping each other, and contributing as a team. ...

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